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Artwork Guidelines
    You can upload your artwork before or after you place your order. Please read the instructions below and complete by uploading your graphic on upload section.

    Please have your file is submitted using one of the following formats: .AI, .EPS, .JPG* (high-resolution only), .PDF (high-resolution or vectored only), .PSD, or .TIF*

  • We only ACCEPT high resolution PDF Files from both PC and Mac software. We recommend exporting files at the High Quality Printing setting. Before exporting your file as a PDF, convert all text to outlines and embed all images.
  • Include a screen shot or .jpg proof for content verification.
  • We accept PDF generated by Photoshop and Illustrator software.
  • Photoshop .PSD - Include all layers, paths, channels, links and fonts. >>> Save as High Quality PDF for Print
  • Illustrator .AI - Convert ALL text to outlines >>> Save as High Quality PDF for Print
  • The best results are achieved when the resolution of the images are between 72-125 DPI at final print size (full size). Images submitted that are larger than 125 DPI will create larger file sizes without any visible gain in print quality.
  • All colors must be defined in CMYK or PANTONE. If converted from RGB to CMYK significant color changes can occur, please proof your colors prior to submission. Pantone Spot Colors may be requested, but exact color matches are not always possible Reference printouts will be considered for layout only, not as actual color reference. If a color layout can not be sent, include a .jpg, .pdf (screen optimized) or screen shot file. Clearly mark filename as “proof”. For black use (Process Black) C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=100
Upload Files
  • Recommand to have files to be compressed (.zip , .rar , .7zip).
  • Include proof in .Jpeg format
  • Include print file in .PDF format
  • Upload now with OUR UPLOADER

  • All orders are sent a digital proof for final review and approval.
  • Proof prints, if required include shipping (please refer to your dealer sheet for more details).
  • Please allow for additional production time when physical proofs are required.
  • Final order delivery will be delayed by the time required to ship and confirm physical proofs.
  • Digital proofs are for content verification and layout only!
  • For color proofing a physical printed proof will be required.
Turnaround Time
  • Turn around time for most prints is 5-7 days, plus shipping. Please contact your sales representative for an exact schedule of your order.